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Wooden Carved

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Lacquer Art


Lacquer art represents a skill involving sophisticated handwork on wooden pieces with fascinating colors. Lacquer art manufacturing starts with the selection of cutting customized pieces of refined Rosewood. The wooden pieces are shaped into different designs and sizes on lathe machine. The surface is then painted in different layers of lacquer colors (generally three to four colors), the scratching skill of layers which makes a significant difference in lacquer art to make beautiful designs on wooden pieces. The Products of round shape are made in this art.

Carving Art


Carving art is another fantastic work on wooden pieces. On geometry rules designs are drawn  Once design is drawn, the artisan starts his work to scratch the surface of wooden piece with the help of traditional iron tools and a design/texture begins to appear on the surface of the wooden piece, In this way many item are prepared such as Spring Tray, Fruit Baskets, Ashtrays, Tables, Vases, Jewelry Boxes, Tissue Boxes, Table Lamps, Candle Lamps, Tea Mats, etc.

Brass Art


This hand work  handwork on wooden pieces is to fill the design with brass. First of all wooden pieces are roughly shaped, carved thoroughly and filled with the thin strips of brass, after making the surface smooth  Then wooden pieces are coated with lacquer, which makes the item looking fantastic & beautiful. Items, in brass art normally we make  Vases, Ashtrays, Tea Coasters, Fruit Bowls, Sugar Pots, Powder Pots, Bowl Sets, Candy Jars, Jewelry Boxes, Pastry Stands, Spring Trays, Wall Clocks, Plate Sets, Tables, Candle Stands, etc.



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